You will receive email confirmation of your booking. If you don't, please contact us!

*Most weekday bookings (denoted with a *) require 24-hour advance registration.  On weekends/holidays/any time you have a booking option without the *, you may book up to two hours in advance -- but if you wait too long, someone else may take your spot! 

For The Post Office and The Witch's Kitchen, the room price of $89 includes up to 5 players and guarantees that you'll have the entire room to yourselves. Additional people pay $18.50 each. If you want to book but aren't sure how many people you'll have, you should go ahead and reserve your desired time slot for the fewest number you're planning on. You may pay for any additional players when you arrive; we accept cash or credit.

In The Oracle's Alley, two players get the room for $39; a third person will cost $18.50, which can be paid upon arrival. This game is only available on weekend evenings.

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Old Town Mankato, Minnesota