The Post Office

The scene is an early 1970s Mankato Post Office. The postmaster has mysteriously vanished, leaving a series of cryptic puzzles behind. During your investigation, your team becomes locked in the back room. Solve the mystery to unlock the door in 60 minutes so the mail can be delivered on time! This room is moderately difficult, and we recommend 4-8 players. 

The Witch's Kitchen

To become the witch's apprentice, you have one hour to explore her mystical kitchen, summon the four elements, and master the magic of puzzles! If you fail, you will be turned into toads. This room is more difficult than The Post Office, and we strongly discourage attempting it with fewer than 4 players. It can accommodate up to ten people...maybe twelve if you don't mind it being a little chaotic.   

The Oracle's Alley

You have wandered into a back alley where a mystical being, the Oracle, has been telling fortunes. The Oracle is nowhere to be found, so it is up to you to find your own fortune in 45 minutes! This room is designed for two people, but you could squeeze a third in. This is generally only open for bookings on Friday and Saturday evenings, but you may email us if you're interested in another time. The game is a slightly modified version of our pop-up game, The Oracle's Tent. If you like the Alley, bring the Tent to your next event!