Trip advisor

What a unique and fun idea. I've always loved mysteries, and this was like a great novel come to life!
-Jenny W. 

I have done 16 escape rooms around the USA. Found the Witch's Kitchen a real challenge and worth the 1 1/2 hour drive. Can't wait to visit again for the second room.

This was my Christmas present to my family. We all had a wonderful time. It has been several months and we still talk about our experience and how much fun we had when we get together. Many of us are already planning the next visit. We love the way they give clues, they really follow a good story line. It's unlike the other two we've done, still our favorite!!!

We did this as a team-building activity with our work team! It was not only fun and exciting, but it helped us learn more about our different styles of problem-solving and communication. It was so much fun to discover hidden clues and solve puzzles, and to see how each person's talents and leadership styles came out.

We went with a group of friends were all in their late twenties early thirties. We have never done anything remotely like this. And yet we had an absolute blast.
-Andrew A. 

We had so much fun being novice detectives going from one clever clue to another until we found our desired objects. We went as a group of 2 couples who were gathering in Mankato from out of town, and we wanted something fun and interesting to do for an hour or two before dinner. We are still smiling days later as an after affect. We want to do it again and bring more friends and family. The creators of this must be brilliant!!!
-Diane H.

This was our first visit to an escape room and weren't sure what to expect. It turns out it was more fun than we imagined. Finding clues and solving the puzzles with time running out was extremely exciting. it requires you to work as a team, communicate and share ideas and clues.
-Mary S. 

This was family fun! Even the member of the family who wasn't sure he would enjoy it was able to contribute to solving the puzzles!

It was so much fun! The puzzles were challenging but doable, and great to discuss after we were done. There were surprises around every corner. It's neat to go in a room and be expected to touch and grab and move and pull and play... yes, it's like play time for adults. Just awesome!


Tell me the last time, as an adult, you did something completely new and different...this is it.
-Alecia A. 

If you like a fun, interactive challenge and team work, you will love this experience! Finding the clues was such a fun thrill!
-Elizabeth H. 

Old Town Escape was the first escape house my friends and I have gone to, and we absolutely loved it! I am so impressed by the many tiny details that went into creating this room. It was an awesome experience that really challenged our minds and forced us to look at every possible angle and option. I would highly recommend trying this escape room for yourself!
-Kelsey N.

This was the most fun ever!!! I loved the Post Office room and I wish I had a time machine so could experience it for the first time all over again. I can't WAIT to play the Witch's Kitchen the next time I'm in Mankato! Seriously, if you haven't been to Old Town Escape yet, cancel today's plans and go!!!
-Carly L.

I love puzzles so I wanted to invite my friends out to this place for my birthday. It was so worth it! I had a blast! The escape room was fun and had hidden surprises I wasn't expecting! Very cool place, highly recommend this place if you're looking for something fun to do with a group of friends!
-Kristy S.

Great team-building event and super fun! I brought our entire management team and we split into two teams to see who could escape first. Everyone thought that the room was well thought out, a good mix of difficulty with the right amount of clues when needed. First time in an escape room, but it won't be our last! Our team escaped within the last minute. Put it on your calendars as a fun event to do with friends.
-Bernie G.

Great fun! Highly recommend. This was our first escape room experience and I'm sure we'll try more in the future. Old Town Escape is more affordable than most escape rooms - great place to try it out.
-Julie W.

We've done both rooms there now and could not be more impressed. Out of the 4 places we've done escape rooms, Old Town Escape is the best. Very professional and fun, challenging rooms. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
-Jeremy P.